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    Hypex hat eine neue Version Ihrer Hypex Filter Design Software online gestellt.

    Diese ist jetzt in Version 5.0 erhältlich.


    Schaut man im entsprechend entpackten  Ordner der HFD 5.0 findet man einen Ordner “ Resources “ und dort “ FusionAmp  Firmware “ in neuer Version 1.51 bzw. 5.7 mit entsprechenden Releasenotes.

    Ich rate vor der Installation erst von Udo eine Freigabe abzuwarten. Manchmal “ versauen “ auch Firmware-Updates die von Udo eingestellten Presets.


    Hypex Filter Design v5.0
    Improvements in HFD v5.0:
    – Removed legacy devices like AS2, DLCP, DSP2W, PSC2xxx
    – New projects for FusionAmp v1.x and v5.x when no device is attached
    – FIR implemented (4500 taps for one FIR filter at the input or 1500 taps per channel on the output)
    – Clone option added (under “Filterdesign-Tools”)
    – Fixed memory leaks
    – Name change: MP-DSP-Main is now called DSP3-213
    – Attack and Release properties revealed for soft-clip limiter
    – tooltips added in Device settings screen
    – “Auto-detect” on source slave removed

    Wichtig: Hypex FA Module die mit Firmware 1.xx ausgeliefert werden können auch nur mit 1.xx geupdatet werden und nicht mit 5.xx oder anders herum 😉

    Firmware v1.51 release notes:
    – Firmware improvements (v1.51):
    – FusionAmp will try to restart on powerfail with 2 seconds interval


    Firmware v5.7 release notes:
    – Firmware improvements (v5.7):
    – FIR added (4500 taps on input or 1500 taps on output per channel)
    – When changing sources, the FA is muted for a short period (100msec)
    – Slave unmute fixed when master-source is ‘auto-detect’ (master and slave need both the same firmware version)
    – FusionAmp tries to reboot with 2 seconds interval after a power-fail
    – Less communication with HFD after a preset change
    – Volume lock removed when unit is master
    – When USB is connected, the FA will stay active (and will switch on when it was off)
    – When a new PowerOff time is programmed, the PowerOff timer will restart with the new value if it was running

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